Thermal Integrity Profiling (TIP)

Thermal Integrity Profiling is a new development which assesses the homogeneity of the concrete column of a cast-in-place pile by the time history of the curing heat.

Measuring Method

Temperature sensors embedded into cables are installed together with the reinforcement cage. It is also possible to use a probe system in tubes, similar to CSL.

Measuring Equipment

After the pile concrete has been poured the measurement starts and temperature is recorded at regular intervals until the temperature goes back to a residual value.
For Thermal Integrity Profiling the sensor cables and the processing units of Pile Dynamics, Inc. (PDI) are used by GSP. You can receive information about the measuring equipment here: Information about the “TIP”

Evaluation of Measuring Results

Codes (e.g., USA-ASTM D7949 – Standard Test Methods for Thermal Integrity Profiling of Concrete Deep Foundations) define the technical conditions for the realization of these tests and provide specifications for the measuring equipment.