Vibration and Noise

Vibration analysis and control

Dr. Klingmüller is giving expert statements for vibration measurements, vibration damages and vibration prediction on the basis of measurements for industrial installations or work of heavy engineering machinery e.g. vibration compaction or vibratory driving.

GSP executes measurements of vibrations for evaluation of buildings, civil engineering structures or engines of the Mechanical Engineering.

On the basis of special investigations the dynamic structure properties are determinated.
In special cases the results of theoretical calculation of the dynamic behavior and structural properties are compared with the measured values. This comparison forms the basis for predictions and the determination of reduction and isolation of vibrations.

GSP has special experience in protection of installations which are sensitive to vibrations (e.g. computer, server stations, CNC precision machines and scientific research instruments – SEM).

Vibration Monitoring according to German standard DIN 4150

GSP measures vibrations to control existing vibration levels and for accompanying documentation as a preservation of evidence.

Vibration measurements according to DIN 4150 part 2 and part 3 are carried out at one-day-services for instance during sheet pile driving, soil consolidation with vibratory rollers, deconstruction of buildings or as a permanent supervision extending over several weeks at construction sites.

Expert reports and prognoses according to DIN 4150 part 1 about vibrations to be expected are provided by Dr. Klingmüller.

Measuring Equipment

For measuring of vibrations GSP uses measuring instruments which meet the requirements of DIN 45669.

All Systems are equipped with 3D-geophones for recording movements in horizontal direction (x-and y-direction) and vertical direction (z -direction).

As an option the measurement equipment allows to measure synchronously at two different positions (e.g. at the foundation and at the floor of a building).

A special feature is the view of the measurement as time-velocity-history from each channel in real time.

 Noise Measurement

Noise originated from activities on construction sites attracts increasing attention mainly during inner-urban building projects.

Noise control and assessment according to German environmental regulations are provided by GSP. In special cases statements for expected noise are elaborated.